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Bunty, Defined

This just transpired out in the field, and I thought we would all enjoy it.

Hi Ashley,

I’m writing up one of the prehistoric sites recorded by Mindy Burkit on 5-31-2010 (site number 48SU2332) and I had a question for her regarding a term she uses. She makes reference to what looks in the field notes like a “bunty scraper”. I’m not sure if I am reading this wrong, or if it is a term I am unfamiliar with. Can you check with Mindy and see if she can help me out with this.
Let me know if she needs any more information to jog her memory as to what site this is.
Ashley responded;
Yes Tom, you are correct. This is a term you are unfamiliar with. Here is the Pinedale-pedia definition.
Bunty (b[u^]nt-ē), adj. an object that exhibits a weakness, flaw, or is characterized as having one or many substandard attributes. (syn. Shity) See also: to bunt (v), bunt (n), buntily (adv), buntness (n)
Feel free to include in your personal vernacular, but should not be included in any scientific descriptions.


-Tom W

Frank. defined

For those of you who are well versed in the original Franks you will probably think that Jorge or myself  put these definitions in the urban dictionary. I promise we did not, you cannot write this stuff, well evidently somebody did.

1) A name for a old man who thinks he is still attractive to young women, usually wears speedos at the beach.
Young woman: “You need help with your bags sir?”
Old man: “No but I need help getting my cock up your ass”
Young woman: ” Get away from me Frank!”

2)  The ability to consume immense amounts of alcohol in short periods of time, and still being able to remain upright under one’s own power after doing such.
example “Man, she really franked that bottle of vodka! I’m surprised she’s still standing!!!

3) a male who is extremely charming in manner because of their gentleman behavior, also has good looks and thinks that women are better then men, has high pain tolerance and like it kinky.
example  ”oh my good frank is here i love frank he is such a sweet guy.”

5) very good looking guy. He is Nice, Funny, Smart and the girls love him. Always honest and very fun to be around. Strong, The typical tall dark and handsome, and loves everything about girls.
example: Ashley: Wow look at him he is so nice and really hot.

6)  person that likes to have a good time,even if it is at the expense of someone else. Usually picks up the tab for his closest friends, Sometimes is considered the life of the party; during down-time this person will rest up for the next good time and think up ways to harass his friends (a very kind hearted person with an evil side)
Hey that person was so funny and cool he should have been named Frank

7) A salesperson who bends you over and fucks you in the ass. Then steals your money.
Listen, if you really aren’t interested, I can hand you over to Frank who can give you further assistance with the sale.

Fixing frank, A movie review


“Fixing Frank” is an engrossing movie that tackles the subject of conversion therapy. When the movie starts, Frank is in a session with Dr. Apsey, saying things that clearly show him to be a self-hating homosexual. We quickly learn that Frank doesn’t really hate himself, but is working with his therapist boyfriend Jonathan on an article to discredit Apsey’s practice of helping homosexuals become happy heterosexuals” Fixing Frank” addresses the classic gay question: if there were a pill to make you straight, would you take it? So… would you?

Jeff Walsh Oasis magazine

In other words, if there were a pill you could take to become a non-Frank, would you take it? I think all true Franks, self loathers such as myself, would probably not take that pill because if we cannot be Frank then who would we be? -Willie

ernie hits the rio

So there I was, wondering how I had a costume but no sleeping bag


“Loving Frank”, A book review by George Connell

Loving Frank

“I want to swim in the river, I want to feel the current”-Mamah Borthwick.

“This book confronts deep questions concerning life, love, and the life of a Frank”-A.Fife

“A thoughtfull debut novel that pits morality against passion…..the perfect selection to jup-start some satisfyingly heated arguments within your book club”-USA Today

Loving Frank reveals what we expect to get from great fiction: timeless truths about ourselves”-NY Daily News

Loving Frank, when I read it,  was more than just a another book about a Frank. It was an introspective look at myself, as a Frank. I had never compared myself with Frank Loyd Wright before, but this book put he and I, eye to eye… Franks. So there I was, a seeminly simple man….a field guy, strictly seasonal……..paired up with an architect of great beauty and fame. This book made me say to myself, “Self….let’s roll, I mean ya can’t but ya gotta”. In conclusion, Loving Franksatisfies the most demanding of literary senses, feelings, and emotions……read it with care. Rememer, the only Frank in you comes from deep inside.   -G. Connell

Frank’s Catch

Dorado Fishing Mexico

Vamos para dorada.

Mexico Dorado Fishing

Vamos para dorada.

Just Another Morning on the RIO

Steelhead fishing on the North Fork of the Nehalem River

Pony Up


Yo no Soy Marinero.

If somebody pointed to Sr. Davies and I and asked who, or what, are they? “Caballeros” would be an appropriate response. You probably know what a caballo is (if not you might be one, and not the stallion kind). Caballero on the other hand is a less known Spanish word, originally meaning, “knight,” “guy who rides a horse,” or “sir.”

One can imagine that at some point in Latin America’s history, a horse rider was automatically given the sir (Senor) status. In Chile that time is long gone and standards have since been lowered, at least as of 2005 when I Iived there. Every where I went, other caballeros and non-caballeros, i.e. damas (meaning women, or lady of the night depending on the context), insisted that I was a caballero, despite my having had arrived on un bici, or el bus. Ask anyone who knew me in ’05 and they will tell you, “Creo que no.”


I recently moved to the West Coast. The large quantities of water that I found quickly made it apparent that it was time to up my status (by non-Chilean standards) to caballero. Don also works.

Yea that’s a bait chucker- so what?


Just a couple-a friends having a good time.

Cojo Mojo from rc cone on Vimeo.  Thanks RC



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