Bunty, Defined

This just transpired out in the field, and I thought we would all enjoy it.

Hi Ashley,

I’m writing up one of the prehistoric sites recorded by Mindy Burkit on 5-31-2010 (site number 48SU2332) and I had a question for her regarding a term she uses. She makes reference to what looks in the field notes like a “bunty scraper”. I’m not sure if I am reading this wrong, or if it is a term I am unfamiliar with. Can you check with Mindy and see if she can help me out with this.
Let me know if she needs any more information to jog her memory as to what site this is.
Ashley responded;
Yes Tom, you are correct. This is a term you are unfamiliar with. Here is the Pinedale-pedia definition.
Bunty (b[u^]nt-ē), adj. an object that exhibits a weakness, flaw, or is characterized as having one or many substandard attributes. (syn. Shity) See also: to bunt (v), bunt (n), buntily (adv), buntness (n)
Feel free to include in your personal vernacular, but should not be included in any scientific descriptions.


-Tom W

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